Saturday, April 18, 2009

Racing Chatter: PT Is Back -- Well, Sort Of...

KV Racing announced yesterday in Long Beach, that Paul Tracy had secured funding to run in this year's Indianapolis 500.
There had also been rumours that Tracy would appear in the two Canadian events to help boost crowds. Tracy said he was working towards driving in his home events, but that sponsorship was not yet in place.
"Well, we're working on it," he confirmed. "Obviously it's a tough economic time right now, and I'm fortunate enough that I've got good sponsors that have helped me through this economic time. I've got some personal sponsors with Monster that have stuck behind me. I've been able to put together some small deals to do a couple of little things."
He does not think his six-year absence from Indianapolis will be a handicap either.
"It's been a couple years since I've been there, but the track is the same," said Tracy. "The tradition of Indy is the same. It's four corners."
The press conference to announce Tracy's KV deal saw a surprise appearance from former Champ Car and IndyCar driver Max Papis. The Italian's NASCAR programme is sponsored by insurance company Geico, which is also backing Tracy at Indianapolis, so Papis attended the conference in the costume of the 'Geico gekko' character used in the firm's marketing.Papis, who only removed the costume's head to reveal himself halfway through the event, confirmed that he was there to support Tracy and had no plans to return to Indy himself.
"I'm driving the #13 car in the Sprint Cup Series, and that's a great challenge in itself," he said.

Well I guess if this is all we are going to see of the Thrill from West Hill, then it will have to do.
But I know even after sitting on his ass for a year, and looking a little heavier then the last time we saw him, PT can still drive circles around most of the drivers in the IRL this season. I hope he impresses everyone enough at Indy to secure sponsorship for a ride that will last for the rest of the season and not just the Canadian dates on the schedule, the IRL sure could use a guy like him to liven it up a little, don't you think?
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