Saturday, September 11, 2010

An Airline With A Sense Of Humour

My sister-in-law sent me these shots of a budget airline company that flies out of South Africa called Kulula Airlines. Check out the paint scheme on one of their planes, pretty funny stuff. An airline with a sense of humour, who would of thought it possible?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Biking Update

Stats for August
330 kms road bike
o kms mountain bike
1981 total distance so far
Average speed 26-27 km/hr
best time for 2okm loop -- still 45:21 from July
rode 16 out of 31 days in August

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Happened To August?!

September first already? What the hell happened to August?! It seems like it was July just yesterday and here we are already in September. August seemed to flash by like it always does and it certainly kept me busy as well.
I just downloaded shots from my camera of stuff that I did in August, here for your viewing pleasure, are some of them...
An old friend from high school, Dave Shacket, who now lives in Vancouver was in town and I took him and his girlfriend on a convertible tour of the the waterfront, stopping at the new Sugar Beach along the way. It was Dave's girlfriends first time in a convertible, and we could not ask for a better day.Some family on my mother-in-law's side, her second cousins, I believe, were in town from Italy and we met them for lunch in Little Italy. My mother-in-law, Mannie had to translated for us. My niece Samantha came by to show off her new bike and I took her on a tour of some of the bike trails in my part of town. How hot was it? Africa hot! I know this because my car told me so. And finally, a couple of shots of the beach,on the very last day of August, talk about the dog days of summer.