Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pictures from Germany (via South Africa)

My brother, (the one who is an architect and lives in South Africa), recently went on vacation in Germany. He sent me some shots of his trip, and I thought I would post them for all of you to see. I don't have any details about these shots, but many of the speak for themselves. Enjoy.

Please direct all funny comments about the lederhosen to Colin himself at colin@arm-architects.com.

Thanks to my bro for the cool pix!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Highway sunrise

I snapped these shots on the drive home from London yesterday morning. Nothing like a beautiful sinrise to start your day off right.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rock the Park 2007

What an awesome weekend for a 3 day concert in the park. Unfortunately due to a thing called life we had to come home a day early (damn work! always getting in the way of having fun!) Here are the pictures from the first 2 days of Rock the Park. Enjoy.
Brian and Jackie start things off.

Pilar and Robbie.Let the party begin! Rob, Scott and Jenn.Group shot. Robbie, Dave, Pilar, Jenn, Velda, Erin and me.Ted Nuggent.Tracy, Danny and Marsha.Enjoying the music. Me and the missus.Velda and Dave.Me and Todd.Marsha and Todd.Robbie and Erin.Jim and Brian discuss world politics.Jenn tells us how she really feels.Brooke starting to feel no pain.Yesterday was also Jenn's birthday! Happy 25th! And toady is Scott's 40th! Happy birthday.Cheap Trick.Enjoying the show. Pilar, Rob, Brooke, Tracy, Dave and Scott.Getting crazy! Jackie, Brian, Tracy, Robbie and Eric.Robbie and Velda.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The good ole days

My first job in television was at a TV station in London, Ontario. Everyone that worked there it seemed was pretty much the same age. So we ended up not only working together but hanging out and partying after work as well. In fact that is where I met my wife to be. I remember those days fondly. I just got sent this picture from a friend who still works there. It is a drawing he did of all of us Simpson's style. I thought it was pretty cool. Check it out.

From left to right. Corey Van Hoof, Morgan Uren, Phil (my replacement), Gary Walker, J.J. Kirk, Pilar Thomas, Malcolm Thomas, Colleen MacDonald, Matt Loop, Mark Finch, Patty Mills (notice Pilar my future wife pinning for my picture, I had just recently moved back to Toronto!) picture courtesy of Matt Loop

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fugitives from justice

So yesterday afternoon I decided to take the boys for a walk down in the beach. It had been raining all afternoon, and the beach was completely empty. Not very surprising considering the conditions. So instead of heading to the leash free area, I decided to take a walk along the public beach. Now I have heard stories about them, but in my almost 9 years of walking my dogs down there, I have never run into the mystical leash police, until yesterday. I did not have either dog on a leash when I was stopped me. I have to say, the first thing that went through my mind was if the leash police are real, then maybe I had been wrong about Santa as well! I was given a lecture about not having my dogs on a leash, and told that I could also be fined $345 for fowling the beach as well as the $150 for each dog not having a leash. He said the city had a zero tolerance but he was going to give me a break and only fine me $150 for not having a leash for one of my dogs. Then he said that I would have to produce some ID so that he could issue me a ticket. I asked him what If I did not have any ID on me. He said then he could not issue the ticket without a name and if I walked away he could try to find out who I was and charge me with obstruction of justice. He also said that because he was a city worker he had no power to force me to take the ticket. And at that point I realized he was trying to tell me something, so I turned around walked away. His parting words to me was have a nice day. Did I learn my lesson? You bet! Who can afford fines like that! So it looks like we are now fugitives from justice and are on the run, if anyone asks, you know nothing! ;)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Toronto GP: Sunday

Here are some shots from race day. Enjoy. Here I am taking cover under one of the Corner Marshall's make shift tents as the rain poured down.Here are some pictures from the Formula Atlantic Series race which was run before the Champ Car main event. These guys ran in the rain and it was an exciting race. Crashes everywhere.

Malcolm in the middle star, Frankie Muniz finished dead last......but from his reaction when he got out of his car you would of guessed he finished first. The guy was on cloud nine, and who could blame him, he survived the monsoon like down pour and the carnage that it caused and finished the race. Good job Frankie!Taking a break before the main event.Tony checks out the inside of a snowbirds Tutor Jet.The drivers get ready to go racing...Justin Wilson's Pit crew run back to their pit after giving Justin a pushstart.

Is that Paul Tracy filling up his drinking bottle with Gator Aid instead of Monster? ;)Congratulations to Will Power, winner of this Years Toronto Grand Prix.Rookie Neel Jani placed second.
And Justin "Bad Ass" Wilson rounded out the top three.
Good work everybody, see you next year!