Sunday, April 26, 2009

F1: Bahrain Grand Prix

Formula 1 continues to remain exciting with not a Ferrari or a McLaren anywhere in the top three. Top three spots for today's Bahrain Grand prix belong to Trulli in a Toyota, Glock in a Toyota second and, Vettel's Red Bull third. Click here for the starting grid.

Race Notes:
  • Great start, everyone gets through turn one without too much drama. Some rubbing and bumping near the back going into turn one.
  • Kimi driving like a mad man.
  • Hamilton passes Button into turn one for third, McLaren seems to have figured out KERS technology.
  • Webber driving like a mad man, coming up the ranks.
  • Button out brakes Hamilton and takes back third place.
  • Unbelievable action all over the track
  • Fischella's Force India is a rolling chicane holding everyone up.
  • Massa in the pits for damaged nose, part of the rubbing at the start.
  • Lap 7 ... things calming down, running, 1. Glock, 2.Trulli, 3. Button. 4. Hamilton, 5. Vettel, 6. Barrichello., 7. Raikkonen, 8. Alonso
  • 46 to go ... Toyota were running with a lighter fuel load than everyone else, Glock first into pits.
  • Barrichello starting to look racy.
  • 45 to go ... Trulli's Toyota into the pits, putting Button and Hamilton 1 - 2.
  • 44 to go ... great battle between Alonso and Trulli for position, Trulli gets lose and Alonso takes advantage
  • 42 to go Button and Hamilton in the pits, Vettle and Kimi now 1 -- 2.
  • 41 to go Barrichello shows his Brazilian colours, gives Piquet the what for for holding him up.
  • And as the battle heats up, TSN goes to break.
  • 36 ot go Kimi in the pits, Button through to the lead, back out in p9.
  • Button suddenly sitting pretty.
  • Barrichello on the charge. Shot of Sir Richard Branson in the pits, deciding on future sponsorship, Barrichello doing a great job of selling it. Barrichello into the pits, is he on a 3 stopper?
  • Massa's Ferrari is not a factor today.
  • 18 to go Vettel 1st, Button 2nd, Kimi 3rd but still has to pit.
  • 17 to go, Vettel in the pits, Button to first, back out in third.
  • Looks like its between Toyota and Brawn for first and second
  • 13 to go, Kimi in the pits, comes out just in front of Glock's Toyota for 7th. Glock passes Kimi, but Kimi has none of it and uses his KERS to get back in front and stay ahead of Glock.
  • 11 to go, Toyota starting to fall apart, Trulli in third under pressure from Barrichello in 4th.
  • 10 to go, Barrichello in the pits, Hamilton into 4th, Barrichello back out in front of Kimi for 5th. Ferrari holding on.
  • Announcers suddenly seem to have no clue who is where on the track.
  • 8 to go, Suzuki Nakajima first retirement of the day in the Williams Toyota.
  • 7 to go, rolling chicane of Force India's of Fisichella is back. Causing problems for Massa and then holding up race leader, Jenson Button. Button finally gets by, what was Fischella thinking?
  • Last lap, Button in the Brawn first, Vettel in the Red Bull second and Trulli in the Toyota third.
Another exciting formula one race. When was the last time you used exciting and F1 in the same sentence. First race run under sunny conditions this season, another victory for Jensen Button, probably his hardest fought race yet. Best results so far for Hamilton in the McLaren, 4th and Kimi in the Ferrari 6th.
Full race results, here.

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