Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Grey Cup Fun

I went downtown on Sunday afternoon with my buddy Tony to check out the Grey Cup tailgate party and I have to say, it was a lot of fun.
As I was waiting for him I saw a parade in the distance. So of course I went to take a closer look. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, I was using my iPhone.

The Grey Cup fan parade down Bay street to Front.

And of course I decided to join in and follow along.
A quick stop along the parade route for a cheque presentation with the CFL Commissioner and CFL legend Doug Flutie.

Walking with the Grey Cup and Doug Flutie and the CFL Commissioner.

Handing off the cup to fans along the route so they can carry it.

The pre-party on Front street.

Line up for the beer tent.

I am not a football fan and we didn't have tickets to the game, but being down there made us wish we had some. Great crowd, great atmosphere. In the end, a warm bar and some cold beers turned out to be the next best thing.

The Who

I went to see The Who the other night at the Air Canada Centre with my buddy Jim, who is the by far the biggest Who fan I know.

If memory serves me correct, this was his 27th time seeing The Who in concert, for me, it was my first.
Jim got to meet Simon Townshend, Pete's little brother and guitar player in the band.

I should of realized that a tour called Quadrophenia would not be a show for person new to the whole Who scene. You see Quadrophenia, The Who`s sixth studio album released in 1973 was a double album and the groups second rock opera. It is a story about a British teenager with schizophrenia growing up in London and Brighton in 1965 and his experiences dealing with it.
I know a lot of The Who's music, but I did not know much from their Quadrophenia album. Not a concert I would recommend for someone new to the band or without at least listening to the album a few times, but I was not surprised to see that the capacity crowd at the ACC knew every song from the album, which the band played from start to finish.

And even I was not disappointed as the band came out for their encore and played six of their more famous hits, which I am happy to say I knew.
Although there was no smashing of guitars on stage, I am happy to say these guys could still rock and I walked out of their fairly satisfied with my first Who experience.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thinking of You

It was two years ago today that I lost my mom to cancer. I still think about her everyday and I miss her a lot. It has taken me a long time, but now when I think about her, I can finally get past the cancer part and remember all the good things about her.

She was an amazing woman and she was my mom.
I miss her a lot.