Monday, October 31, 2011

Bills Game

My buddy Tony and I went to the Buffalo Bills game yesterday at the Rogers Centre. It was a pretty good game, if you were a Buffalo fan. The Bills beat the Redskins 23-0. The roof was closed at the Rogers Centre, which was as full as I ever saw it with an estimated crowd of over 51,000 people partying it up under the dome. I think it was safe to say a good time was had by all. Here are some pictures from the game.
Four beers here is the equivalent of a 24 in the real world.
Our seats.
Here comes the Bills.
The national anthem.
Even the green men were there.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rainy Day

Another grey day in the city...

Hip It Up

I've been playing around with my iPhones camera and a camera app called Hipstamatic.
Check it out, this app can make any picture I take, look 10x's cooler.
Regular lens.
Hipstamatic lens.
Regular lens.
Hipstamatic lens.

Dog Tails

I have two border collies.
One comes from a working dog stock breed and the other comes from a show dog breed.
Their two personalities couldn't be any more different.
One is incredibly loyal, but very independent.
The other is loyal as well, but in a more "needy" kind of way.
Here are some shots of my youngest dog, Calvin, sleeping.
Notice how he likes to sleep, right under your feet, always making sure he is touching you.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday

Look who turns 13 today!
Putting Eukanuba Super Dogs to shame since 1998,
Hobbes, the wonder dog!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yeah Mon!

The name says it all ...

Abandon Ship

Amusing ourselves on a rainy day at sea ...

Cruise Ship Math

Turns out each boat carries about 2200 passengers and a crew of about 900.

2200 x 5 = 11000 tourists walking around the streets of the Bahamas -- WOW!


My wife and I took a three day cruise to the Bahamas last weekend out of Miami. Originally we had wanted to go to Las Vegas for the last INDYCAR race of the season, but because of scheduling problems we were not able to do it. So it was left up to me to decide on where we went. I called my friend Jen who is a travel agent and we kicked around a few ideas before we decided on this three day cruise.
My wife and I have never been on a cruise ship before and have been thinking about trying it out. A three day cruise is perfect way to see if we would enjoy this experience without too much risk. Better to be stuck on something you don't like for three days then a week or more.
Another cool part about this whole experience was that my wife left all the planning up to me. She wanted to be surprised. So thanks to my friend Jen at Uniglobe Travel in London, Ontario, we got to work and came up with this trip. (If you are thinking of going on a trip I would HIGHLY recommend her. Send me an e-mail and I will get you her details).
My wife didn't know where we were going until we arrived at the check-in counter at the airport on Friday morning. And it wasn't until we landed in Miami that my wife found out our final destination was going to be on the cruise ship Carnival Imagination.
We landed at 2pm and were on the ship shortly after 3pm. The ship set sail pretty much soon after that at about 4:30 and we were on our way.
Our room.
The view from our room.
Checking out the ship.
Leaving Miami behind.
Relaxin' by the pool.
Sun set on deck.
This crazy towel art comes with our turn down service. We loved coming into our room each night, to see what kind of creature our steward would create for us.
Posing on the Lido deck.

The Bahamas

When we awoke Saturday morning, our ship was already docked in the Bahamas. We got up early to catch the sunrise from the ship.
After that we headed ashore to check out what the Bahamas had to offer.
And then later that morning it was off to our catamaran snorkeling tour off a reef 45 minutes from where our ship was docked.
After that it was back to the ship to change and then it was back ashore to check out the famed Atlantis Hotel. Unfortunately we arrived just when everything was closing up for the evening. We took a quick walk around, then it was back to the ship for a late dinner.
More towel magic.
Senior Frogs on shore.
Walking along the wharf we got to check out some of the other ships moored in port, and we watched one of the other big ships leave port. This entire process took less then 15 minutes.