Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Take Three!

The season that keeps on giving; onto my brother-in-laws place, just north of Orangeville for my wife's family Christmas. Total distance travelled so far this Christmas season, 800 plus km's. Here are some pictures from last nights fun.
"Mmmm, I wonder who bought this gift?"
Helping mom hand out the gifts...... and helping Noni open them as well.Every 3 year old's dream, a Barbie explosion!
How to make my wife happy? Buy her a purse for Christmas.
My brother-in-law shows off his new snowshoes.
Trying them out...... not going so well.
"Ask me where my daughter works.."
My niece playing with her new farm set......and Calvin asking if he can play too.
Now if only my liver can make it past New Year's, all will be well. Hope all of you had a very merry Christmas, I know we sure did.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

It Finally Stopped Snowing!

... on my blog that is. What a relief, I was running out of place to put it all.

...And The Sun Came Out ...

... even if it was only for a few minutes before it got swallowed up by the clouds again. Check out the rainbow, in the middle of winter no less. Just one of the many cool things sights you see when you have to walk the dogs early in the morning. pictures by iPhone

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Possession Is Nine Tenth Of The Law

One of the joys of owning two dogs ... when you get up off the couch and leave the room for a second, this is what you return to. Isn't that sweet? Not! "Oh, did you want to sit here too?"

Walk Down Memory Lane

My brother was always a downtown kind of guy when he lived in Toronto, so this afternoon we took a walk down memory lane. We went downtown and braved the holiday crowds to do a little shopping and some sight seeing.
My brother (a Ryerson graduate) points out the sights of the new and improved Ryerson University to his girlfriend.
Posing with the polar bears in Dundas Square.
Entering the madness at the Eaton Centre..."Goodbye Santa, see you next year."
Taking in the sights.Posing in front of the Shirosfsky crystal Christmas tree."Are we having fun yet? Well are we?"More Shirofsky crystal Christmas tree shots.The Eaton Centre on boxing day. What were we thinking?Made it out in one piece, with some bargains to boot!

Christmas Take Two

Christmas dinner was at my mom's place this year, and for the first time in 5 years all my immediate family was together to celebrate. Here are some shots from the festivities, enjoy.
"You know when I was your age..."
The opening of the gifts begin.Thandi sporting a new look.Santiago charming the ladies."Can I see some ID please?"
Dinner is served.
"Does he always take so many pictures?"
After dinner fun.
Calvin tries on Dave's toque."You know when I was your age..."

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas So Far

I've got a couple of minutes between family dinners, so I thought I would update you with Christmas so far. It has been interesting, as always ... it started on Monday when we headed to London to see my wife`s family ... here's a shot of me and the Hobbes ready to go.... the dogs watching the squirrels from the window upstairs at my in-laws ...Traffic was unbelievable, in London and in Toronto.Picking up my brother, his girlfriend and their kid at the airport after a 14 hour flight from Dubai, Christmas Eve.We spent Christmas Eve at my mom's place. Santiago was the star of the night. My niece Sam, is also home from a year abroad teaching English in Japan.My oldest brother teaches everyone how to read between the lines.
My car, buried in the snow, with no chance for escape. The joys of street parking in the city...
Traffic Christmas morning, now that's more like it!
Next years Christmas card.
Opening gifts at my sister's house Christmas morning.
The wife gets a kimono all the way from Japan.
Too cool for this picture.Stay tuned, more to come...