Sunday, April 19, 2009

Race Notes: Chinese Grand Prix

Race Notes:
  • Race started behind the safety car due to rain, 8 laps run under yellow before cars allowed to go racing.
  • Green flag, Hamilton dives past Kimi, showing everyone he is the man to beat in the rain.
  • Kimi on the charge, but can't keep up with McLaren's KERS system.
  • Rain the great equalizer, cars off and on all over the place, last corner sending everyone wide.
  • Hamilton suddenly slow ... due to on track spin ... everyone streams past.
  • Bourdais moving up through the ranks.
  • How can these guys see anything, let alone try to pass someone in all this rain?
  • 38 to go ... yellow flag ... Vettle's Red Bull is rear ended by the Torro Rosso driven by Buemi. Kovalainen apparently also runs into Trulli's Toyota, ending his day.
  • 36 to go ... Massa's day ends as his Ferrari dies on track
  • 34 to go ... Bourdais spins on the restart, Hamilton thinks he is driving a 4x4, passes Kimi for the third time. I'm thinking Kimi is not a fan of the rain.
  • 29 to go ... Piquet spins and takes out a shell sign bringing out the yellow, gets it restarted and moves out of harms way, back to green.
  • 27 to go ... Button goes wide and Webber takes p2 away from him.
  • 26 to go ... Webber goes wide, Button takes the place back.
  • 25 to go ... Webber takes Button on the outside and grabs p2 back. Unbelievable racing for F1 and in the rain to boot. Red Bull's on a tear.
  • 23 to go ... Hamilton from 4th comes in for his first pit, exits pits in 8th place.
  • Announcers just said if Ferrari does not score a point in this race it will be the first time in 30 years Ferrari has failed to score a point in the first 4 races of the season ... way to go Kimi
  • Not sure if I'm getting used to the snowploughs or are these cars getting better looking?
  • 20 to go ... Bourdais spins off the race course like a top
  • 18 to go ... Kimi just got passed by a Toyota ...
  • 16 to go ... Vettel passes Button for the lead ... Alonso passes Kimi ... Ferrari not looking good.
  • 14 to go ... Button in the pits from 2nd, out in 4th, no podium for Brawn today.
  • 10 to go ... mayhem everywhere, cars going off left and right
  • 8 to go ... Huge crash, Force India loses it and slides into the wall while under pressure from Hamilton's McLaren. Brings out only local yellow due to limited laps left.
  • Loving the camera angles, in car shows how poor the driver's visibility really is. Wow, how can they do this at 100 plus mph? Nerves of steel baby.
  • Final lap ... Red Bull makes team history with first ever F1 win to add to yesterdays first ever pole. Vettel's Red Bull first and Webber's Red Bull second, Button in the Brawn comes in third (podium after all!). Kimi makes history as well for Ferrari ... at ta boy.

Final results for the Chinese Grand Prix, here.

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