Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thanks and Good-bye

We lost our dog Hobbes 21 days shy of his 15th birthday.
In dog terms, that was a long and full life, but it doesn't take the sting away from the fact, to us he was more then just a dog, he was part of our family and his loss is going to be a very hard void for us to fill.
In the end though, it wasn't his heart that gave out first, it was his body. His arthritis became to much for his once strong and muscular body to handle, I had to help him stand and had to carry him out to the front yard to do his business. Like the true border collie he was, he never showed his pain, even though I could tell he was in a lot of it. He never had an accident in the house, even though he could have and we would never have held it against him, but he never did because he was proud and strong right to the end.
Saying good-bye to him was very hard, but it was time and I would never do him wrong.
He was my best friend and I will miss him more then you will ever know.
Thank you all, for all your kind words, my wife and I both appreciate it ... it means the world to us.

This blog started as a bit of a lark and it turned into something that I have become quite proud of.
It started out about the adventures of a man and his dog and changed into so much more, but without my trusty sidekick Hobbes at my side, it's just not the same.
Its been a great ride, I've enjoyed every single minute of it, but now I think its time to turn out the lights and say good-bye.
So thanks for following along these last six years, I couldn't of and wouldn't have done it without you ...

All the best,

Malcolm, aka Mad Mal and Hobbes

P.S. If I start a new blog in the future, I will post a link here.