Saturday, April 4, 2009

Racing Chatter: Big Weekend for Racing

With the second race of the season, the Grand Prix of Malaysia set to go tonight, F1 continues to remain surprisingly interesting. Upon further review, earlier this week, Hamilton disqualified from the Australian GP for passing under yellow and then lying about it, giving third back to Trulli. And now no Ferrari or McLaren anywhere near the starting grid. What is going on? Can F1 actually becoming more watchable?!
Qualifying for tonight's grid has Button in the Brawn on pole, with Trulli in the Toyota second and Vettel in the Red Bull third. Here is a look at the full starting grid.
The first race of the IRL season goes tomorrow in St Petersburg, Florida. The race runs tomorrow at 2pm, but since I live in Toronto, I won't be able to see it until 3am on tape delay. It looks the the IRL might finally be getting it's shit together after last years fiasco they called a season. A full grid of 23 cars, and Toronto back on the race schedule, things are looking good for open wheel racing here in North America. ( Too bad that 3 of Champ Cars best are still sitting on the sidelines looking for a ride; Tracy, Junqueira, and Servia.)
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