Friday, April 3, 2009

ER Closes It's Doors

After 15 years and 331 episode, one of Televisions longest running dramas, ER, aired its final episode last night. And as far as I am concerned, it will go down as one of televisions best series finales ever. Now granted I have been a loyal viewer since day one, but as everyone knows, I am notoriously critical when it comes to reviewing shows or movies, so it might come as a shock to some, when I say, ER's final episode did not disappoint.
It was classic ER, packed full of drama from start to finish. There were no flowery over the top moments, or silly out of character things one might expect in a final episode (i.e. Seinfeld).
I especially liked how they managed to bring back every cast member that was ever on the show over this last season, even dead Dr. Greene made an appearance albeit in a flashback. None of it seemed contrived, and it all managed to work into the current shows storyline.
But the thing that made last nights final episode so memorable was that it managed to stay true to its roots, which was to deliver a well written television drama about the lives of the doctors and nurses that work in the ER department at Chicago's County General.
Well done.
My Thursday night just got a little emptier...

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