Thursday, October 30, 2008

All Things Animal

Animal, the Muppet, holds a certain significance for me as well, see post below. When I was about 18 years old, two friends of mine gave me an Animal rubber figure as a joke for my birthday. If memory serves me correctly, it was partly due to my partying ways at the time and my love for mountain biking. And ever since then, some 20 years later (!?!), Animal has graced the handle bars of every bike I have owned. I consider him my good luck talisman, and although I have had some major crashes on my bike (past and present), I have been able to walk away from all of them. Call it what you want, but I'd feel naked without Animal along for the ride.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

German Police Seek Speeding Muppet

I shit you not ... this is a true story. What an Animal!
Check it out:
Someone in Germany is driving an automobile built for UK roads and has installed a Muppet in the passenger seat. The speed cameras in Germany are made to take photos of drivers who sit in the left side of the vehicle, so drivers of UK-style cars driver can't be easily identified.
A German police source said: “The number plate is not enough. We need clear evidence of who is driving the vehicle too.
“But because this is a British vehicle we can never get a decent picture. The driver has obviously worked this out because he has placed a large puppet in the passenger seat.
“This may be an example of the famous British sense of humour but it is still dangerous driving. The driver has been caught on camera on several occasions and the puppet is on the passenger seat every time. We suspect he positions the toy deliberately before accelerating past the camera.”
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Yesterday was my niece, Sam in Japan's birthday. Happy birthday!
And for those of you who are interested, she has also added another update on her blog about her adventures in Japan.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Madonna's Entourage

I saw these semi's and tour buses all parked in rows last week on my bike ride with security all around. What gives? Turns out Madonna was in town for a two night stint, and all this belonged to her. Now think of this, Madonna must have the same number of trucks already in the next town setting up for the next show. Now that's what I call a material girl living in a material world...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hobbes Turns Ten!

Today (with props to Charlie Brown), the kid with the big nose turns ten. Good grief, where did the time go? Here are some shots of my best bud Hobbes, out enjoying his birthday with a long walk in the park. Happy birthday furface!Always time to strike a pose for the camera.Chasing tennis balls and squirrels in the park.
Calvin hamming it up for the camera.
... all tuckered out.

Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to my niece, Thandi, who turns 11 years old today. Hope you have a great day.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sam I Am Update!

Pinch me, I must be dreaming! Finally a new post from Sam in Japan. Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable, because its been awhile! Check it out here:

Birthday Wishes

My birthday announcements have been lacking of late, my apologise .
Happy birthday to my brother Colin, who is celebrating his birthday today I'm sure with his new son Santiago.
And a happy belated birthday to those who I neglected to mention earlier;
Daniela who had a birthday last week,
and my sister-in-law Tina, who celebrated her birthday at the end of September.
Happy birthday everyone!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Power of Mom

So yesterday on way back from my daily ride, I came across a park I ride through just full of elementary school kids. It was some sort of a multi school athletic type function and there was kids literally everywhere, including the bike path.
So I slowed right down and began to weave my way through the crowd of children and parents on the bike trail. One hand on my brake and the other on my bell. Just as I am almost clear, a little girl steps right in front of me. I jam on the brakes, too late. I knock her over and then me and the bike begin to crash down on top of her.
Suddenly, out of no where this lady puts herself in between me on my falling bike and the child on the ground. A couple of other woman from out of no where grab onto me and my bike from behind. The woman between me and the child on the ground, begins to hold me from falling on top of the child with one hand while with the other hand she picks up the child and hands her to another mom from the crowd.
This is all happening in a blink of an eye, but also in super slow-motion. I'm trying to get my body set to fall on top of this child with as little pain as possible and realize that I am hanging in the air, one leg off my pedal, the other still locked in above this little girl, who gets scooped up and is standing before I can even mange to get untangled from all the arms that are holding me suspended in mid-air.
It was like out of one of those stories you always hear about, where the mother gets super human strength to save her child. It was crazy, these mom's stepped in and saved the day. What a surreal experience. And the mom whose kid I hit was more concerned that I was OK. And the lady that grabbed me in my special place to keep me from falling, was more embarrassed than I was!
Long story short, everyone is OK and walked away without injury. Thanks to the quick actions of the Power of Mom's...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just call me Uncle Mad Mal

A The Adventures of Mad Mal and Hobbes (and Calvin too!!) Exclusive! Beating out People and OK Magazine, here are the first pictures of baby Santiago Thomas.Is there a real doctor in the house? cause this guy dressed up as one is scaring me!Mommy and baby.Proud Papa.The new and improved Thomas clan!Nap time!Pictures courtesy of my brother, Colin and his girlfriend, Daniela. Proud new parents of Santiago Emanuell Thomas. Good work you two, we are all so proud and happy for you both!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Congratulations to my brother Colin and his girlfriend Daniela. They finally had a baby boy today at 5:03pm, South African time. Baby Santiago Emanuell Thomas was born by c-section, weighing in at 6 lbs. Both mom and baby are doing well. Proud papa promises to send pictures in the next few days. Stay tuned for more...

Monday, October 13, 2008

I Don't Want To Go Home

I snapped this picture today while on a walk along Queen street east in the Beach. Apparently this dog does not want to go home. The owner say he does this when he realizes that the walk is over and its time to go home. Good luck with that....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

F1: Japanese GP in Review

What is going on with F1?!
The Japanese GP was another great race full of surprises. I hardly recognized the race track, what happened to the famous Ferris wheel in the background and more importantly where did Alonso in the Renault come from so late in the season to take two wins in a row!
Upon further review, I have to say the penalty to Lewis Hamilton was another bogus call for McLaren by the FIA. Start of the race into turn one, Hamilton had a bad start, but tries to make up for it by out-breaking Kimi into turn one. Both cars lock up thier brakes and Kimi is forced off onto the warning track. That is called racing, turn one always equals a lot of craziness with drivers trying to out-brake, or over-take where they shouldn't, and just a lot of overcompensating by everyone. But Hamilton however is given a drive through penalty for his efforts?!
Lap 2 Massa is passed by Hamilton, tries to come back in the next turn and goes off and comes back to hit Hamilton who clearly had the line. Hamilton spins out, and Massa continues on. Drive through penalty assessed to Massa in the Ferrari. Clearly, a penalty had to be called there.
And finally Ferrari's Felipe Massa finished the race eighth, but was promoted to seventh when stewards applied a 25-second penalty to Sebastien Bourdais' finishing time for their collision at the end of the pitlane. How is that possible? It wasn't like Bourdais was a lap down, he was fighting for position. Another bullshit call.
With Hamilton out of the points following a pitstop and penalty for his botched first corner, it means Brazilian Massa closes to within five points of the Briton with just two races to go in 2008.
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Happy Happy Joy Joy

Back to the Future

I saw this guy on my drive home yesterday morning. I never got close enough for a clear shot, so I apologise for the blurriness.
Is that ... am I seeing things? Don't rub your eyes. Yes that does look like the DeLorean from 80`s movie, Back to the Future staring Micheal J. Fox. Check out the licence plate: "OUTATME" and the Flux Capacitor in the back.
Here he is getting the car up to 88 miles per hour for the jump....

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

I managed to get new dad Tony out for a ride yesterday morning, but because of the new baby we had a guest along with us for the ride. What a cool way to get kids involved in biking at an early age.
And talk about riding in style. This trailer has seats for two, with seat belts and a trunk in the back for snacks and supplies.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trouble in the Beach

Right down the street from me. Took this shot yesterday morning on my morning ride.
Check it out:
SIU probes cop shooting
The province's police watchdog is investigating after a 49-year-old man was shot while driving an SUV in the Beach early yesterday.
The Special Investigations Unit says officers were apparently investigating a vehicle they believed to be stolen and the driver was shot twice in the upper body around 3:15 a.m. on Beech Ave. a block north of Queen St. E.
"The vehicle may have been driven at police, but we don't have that confirmed yet," SIU spokesman John Yoannou said yesterday. "It's still early in the investigation."
The man behind the wheel of the black BMW SUV was rushed to hospital suffering from two gunshot wounds, possibly to his shoulder. His name was not released and Yoannou said he had no fixed address.
"He's not going to die, as far as we know," he said.
Residents of the upscale neighbourhood were shocked to hear gunfire in the middle of the night on their quiet street.
"You don't expect this in your neighbourhood, but I guess times are changing,".
"This is a quiet part of the city. It's not something you expect to walk out to (first thing in the morning)".
A section of Beech Ave. was cordoned off with yellow tape and the SUV was on a front lawn with its two front doors open and both windows smashed.
SIU investigators spent the day canvassing residents and plan to return to the neighbourhood tonight to look for more witnesses.
story courtesy of, picture courtesy of me.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cloudy Beach Sunrise

... yesterday mornings sunrise down at the beach.

Racing Chatter

Helio Charged with Tax Evasion
MIAMI (AP) — Two-time Indianapolis 500 winner and TV "Dancing With The Stars" champion Helio Castroneves pleaded not guilty Friday to charges that he used offshore accounts to evade U.S. taxes on more than $5 million in income.
The 33-year-old race car driver, who appeared in court in handcuffs and leg chains, was ordered released on $10 million bail. His lawyer, Mark Seiden, said Castroneves would depart later in the afternoon for a weekend race in Atlanta.
"We would enter a plea of not guilty," said Seiden, standing alongside a visibly shaken and frowning Castroneves.

courtesy of
$10 million for bail and leg chains for tax evasion? Good grief, this is Helio Castroneves, not Charles Manson!PT Sues Forsythe
Paul Tracy has filed a lawsuit against former Champ Car team owner Gerald Forsythe, claiming breach of contract.
The lawsuit, filed last week in U.S. District Court in Chicago, claims Tracy is owed more than $2.3-million as per his contract at the time Forsythe Racing ceased operation in the former Champ Car series.
In the complaint, Tracy's attorney claims the racer's contract called for a $1-million buyout to be paid in the event the team ceased operation in Champ Car. Terms of Tracy's contract also show that he was to have been paid $2.25-million for the 2008 Champ Car season, plus any bonuses. However, Tracy says he's been paid for February, March and April and nothing since.

courtesy of http://www.tsn.caHamilton Involved in Shady Real Estate Deal
A deal whereby Lewis Hamilton this year invested millions of dollars in Grenada, the home of his paternal grandfather, is under investigation by the Caribbean island's government.
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Pass The Salt

This is one of the places I have kept my eye on since the beginning of summer. I'm not sure what it's called, but its the place where the city of Toronto gets it road salt for the winter season and its also the place where they store it, before it is distributed across the city for use on the roads in the winter time. At the beginning of summer, there was more pavement then salt mountains. But the city has been busy all summer long preparing for the coming winter weather. Salt is shipped in on a great lake freighter. It is then dumped into huge mountains and then covered up with plastic to protect it from the elements. I took these shots last week. All the pavement area is now covered with salt mountains. Here is a bulldozer hard at work flattening the salt so it can be covered with a tarp.Now that is a lot of salt!Coming soon to a road near you!