Monday, June 30, 2008


So I went for a ride this morning and got hit by a Parks and Rec pick-up truck while on the bike trail. We were both headed in the same direction, me coming up from behind. So he moves from the centre of the bike lane to the right side. I think he is making room for me, so I go left. And then as I am almost up to his driver's side window, he starts turning into me. First the side view mirror clipped me, then the side of the door and then I was somersaulting through the air. Thankfully I got pushed off the paved path onto wet grass so the impact wasn't as bad as it could of been. And here's a lesson for all you kids out there, wear a helmet. Because I was seeing stars when I got up. Long story short, no serious damage to me, except for a headache and some soreness. My helmet is a write off, but it did it's job. My bike looks OK too, but I am waiting for final word from the pro's at the bike shop.
What a great way to start your Monday morning!

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

Like most dogs, Calvin loves sticking his head out the window when we go for a drive. Here are a couple of shots of Calvin soaking up the sun.

Euro Cup

Took a drive downtown yesterday during the time the Euro Cup final was on. The streets were deserted. And here is the reason why....
Final score: Spain 1 Germany 0

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sam in Japan Update

Sam is on a tear! Lots of new pictures and stories of her adventures in Japan. Grab a coffee and pull up a chair. Check it out at:, enjoy! pictures courtesy of

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Greetings from South Africa

Got an e-mail from my brother in South Africa yesterday. Here is what he had to say:
"Howdy Folks
here are the latest scans of the baby from earlier this week - the doctor reports that all the important parts have been checked and measured and everything seems to be as it should - so from our side down here the baby business is going good - Daniela is also doing well and has not had very much of that morning sickness stuff and has been in generally good spirits so its all systems go
anyway guys enjoy
love to you all from
Colin Daniela and New Baby T
PS check out the pict where the babys got its foot in its mouth"

ultrasound pictures courtesy of my bro!

Rain in the Forecast...

Rain again?! It must be the weekend! Glad I didn't head out of the city this "non-holiday" weekend....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Remember Matt?

Remember Matt? (If not, click here:
I have a question. What the hell does Matt do? And where does he get the money to go to all these places?!
To find out more about Matt, here is his actual web site:

Ed the Sock Gets The Boot

Say it isn't so!
After 16 years, Canada's most famous, foul-mouthed foot warmer is signing off late-night television. At least for now.
Ed the Sock - whose gravelly voice, wild eyes and crazed, Don King-like hairdo made him a stock favourite with men 25 and older - is leaving CITY-TV and moving onto what he hopes will be sweeter-smelling pastures. Creator Steven Kerzner hinted yesterday that his cigar-chomping, womanizing puppet could re-emerge in a spinoff TV show, or even land the starring role in a film.
"There are potentially two Ed projects," says Kerzner, 40, who made his debut (as Ed) on community cable in 1992 and moved two years later to CITY-TV in Ed's Night Party! (later renamed Ed & Red's Night Party!). "I can't say what they are, or who they're with yet. But we [he and his co-host/wife Liana Kerzner] are looking to use the medium in a different way - to peel open the hype and spin that's all around us. There's also been talk of an Ed movie for a while, and the script's almost done."
CITY-TV's owner, Rogers Cable, has decided that it's time Ed the Sock was put in a drawer. "They have their own vision of what they want to do with the station," he says. "And I respect that. The present show is ending, but Ed the Sock [who apparently inspired Conan O'Brien's Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog] isn't going quietly."
Ed the Sock’s last show airs Aug. 31. (Reuters)
picture and story courtesy of

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sam in Japan Update

Sam has added a new post on her blog about her adventures in Japan when her brother David was there for a visit. Lots of cool pictures for your enjoyment as well. Check it out at: Enjoy!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tear Down the Gardiner Expressway?

The talk about tearing down the Gardiner Expressway has begun again. Tear it down, its an eye sore, it will remove the barrier between the lake and the rest of the city.
What?! Come on. Gimmie a break!
The Gardiner is a necessary evil. We need it to get to from point A to point B. Its already there. Why tear down something, just to built it again. And where does all that traffic go while you remove it and build something to replace it?
And what if you bury it? What will they put in its place? More condos?
And where will the money come to do all this? More taxes?!?
As far as I'm concerned, the Gardiner expressway it is the best way for someone to see the city of Toronto in it's finest. Where else in the world can you drive through a city on an elevated highway and seem like you are floating through it as you snake your way around the skyscrapers and condos, the city looming large as life all around you. At night, this drive has got to rank up there as one of the top 25 drives in the world. I love the Gardiner. I say keep it.!

Saturday Morning Ride

This week's Saturday morning ride Started at Tony's place...... out to Port Credit ...... and back. Total time, 56 minutes. No bike computer, so no speed data, but it seemed pretty quick!

Friday, June 20, 2008


I went out this morning and played a round of golf with my buddy and nephew. Not a bad way to celebrate the last day of spring and the summer equinox. Here are some shots of the "duffer's " at work. Enjoy.
Aaron all ready to go. Too bad his pants are hanging way past his ass.
Tony takes a TV time out for an important business call.Nice pose....Group shotAaron tee's one up.Tony's turn.Enjoying the view.Finally the Cart Chick shows up, cheers!18th hole.Still standing. Not a bad day....

Calvin and his Gang

Here are some shots of Calvin and his buddies down at the beach.This is Chewie, as in Chewbacca from Star Wars. One of Calvin's best buddies. Chewie is a pound puppy, so his owners are not 100 percent sure what he is. He is about the same size and age as Calvin.Around Hobbes and Calvin, Chewie has no fear and feels right at home taking the ball away from Hobbes.Hobbes' seems to tolerates Chewie because he is a puppy.And any other dogs watch out!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Waterworks Reopens (sort of..)

As far as Hobbes is concerned the Waterworks might as well be part of his backyard. The Waterworks, or as it is more properly known as, The R C Harris Filtration Plant was closed to the public about four years ago for renovations and was supposed to reopen the following year.Well three behind schedule, the lower level of the Waterworks finally reopened, and no one could be happier then my man Hobbes!Calvin not much of a swimmer, has recently been coming into his own. Here are a couple of shots of Calvin braving the water down at the Waterworks.One of the reason Hobbes loves this place so much is the huge hills. I throw the ball with a chuck it up the hill and Hobbes chases it. But the kicker is, he doesn't bring it back all the way. Instead he stops half way up the hill and lets the ball roll the rest of the way to me. Calvin on the other hand, hasn't quite figured out that trick yet.While we were there the weather changed. Here are a couple of shots of the storm moving in at the Waterworks.