Sunday, April 5, 2009

F1: Grand Prix of Malaysia

Jensen Button won a rain shortened Grand Prix of Malaysia, with Nick Heidfeld second and Timo Glock third. The race was red flagged on lap 31, just over half distance due to rain. 23 laps were left to be run but after a 53 minute delay, the race was called and made official. Only half points awarded, a lot of confusion with these results, I would expect some teams to file official protests with the FIA.

Race Notes:

  • Love the fact that their are no driver aids allowed anymore (Launch control, electronic stability control). makes for an exciting start, it's all up to the drivers skill now and not the car.
  • Kimi finally showed up to race today. Pretty good driver when he wants to be. Question is, why doesn't Kimi the driver show up each time?
  • Without a doubt, the sexiest car on the grid remains the Ferrari. Granted all 2009 F1 cars look like snowploughs, but leave it to Ferrari to make the best looking snowplough by far....
  • Rain, the ultimate equalizer .... the rain tire gamble ... no one gets it right.
  • Nico Rosberg in the BMW, where did he come from? Outstanding start, fourth to first and holds on till first round of pits.
  • Timo Glock in the Toyota -- driving it like its a Ferrari.
  • Announcers might as well be calling a horse race, they don't seem to have a clue to whats going on.
  • Rain is really screwing everything up, loving it!
  • Safety car comes out due to heavy rain and they screws it up again!
  • Are there no commercial breaks in this show, because TSN just seems to be going to break when ever they please, as in right in the middle of a sentence ... Sloppy.
  • Race red flagged and guess who's in break?
  • Red flagged due to monsoon like conditions ... now we have to listen to these guys try to fill? Clickity, click, Barba Trick. Fast-forward PVR ....
  • Had to stop and rewind for this one. Kimi has taken off his racing suit and is walking around in shorts eating ice cream in the pit area. The race hasn't even been called but Kimi has made his statement. Restart or not, Kimi has had enough. ROFLMAO!
  • Ferrari now claiming problem with Kimi's car and not Kimi's attitude. If race restarts, they will start in pit lane, blah, blah, blah. Are you kidding me? Who's running the show at Ferrari?
  • Finally they call it, Button wins again. How so very anti climatic.

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