Monday, April 20, 2009

Race Notes: The Streets Of Long Beach Grand Prix

Race Notes:

Watching this Monday morning, due to tape delay...

  • Great start, everyone makes it through without incident.
  • Helio not doing too bad for a guy who hasn't been in the car for 6 months.
  • The princess is on fire, from 22nd to 2nd through some alternate pit strategy and a little luck at the midway mark. Nice, aggressive driving, drag races Will Power out of the pits and beats him. I am finding a new respect for her driving.
  • Dario shows that his driving style is more suited to cars without a roof or fenders.
  • Lap 56 ... Graham Rahal gets the signal to go and leaves his pit with his fueler still attached. Mayhem ensues.
  • Loving Versus coverage. Camera's everywhere. Great bumpers to break and in-race features.
  • 9 to go ... Dixion is not having a great start to the season. Rear ended by Brisco while under yellow. Brisco called in for penalty.
  • 8 to go ... green flag. Dario leads, Power second, Kannan, third, Patrick in fourth.
  • 6 to go ... Marco tries to push Wheldon out of the way and makes contact in the hairpin. Wheldon stays out in front.
  • 4 to go ... Dario opening up a gap between second place Power.
  • 2 to go ... Tags puts the move on Hunter-Rhey and Hunter-Rhey closes the door, Tags comes back and makes the pass!
  • Final lap ... Dario wins cut to Ashley Judd. Yup, Dario is back...
Full race results for the streets of Long Beach, here.

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