Friday, June 8, 2012

Europe Day 7 and 8: Prague

We left my brother's place on Saturday morning and set out for Prague, a distance of 170 kms.
My brother lives about 45 minutes from the Czech Republic border, but because it's in the Bavarian highlands, it's all along single lane country roads. Great for the scenery, not so good for getting there quick.
Travel time was approximately 3 hrs.

And when we finally did find a highway, we ran into some "other" problems.

Isn't the journey all part of the adventure?

Prague turned out to be a very cool city, filled with some incredible architecture,with an interesting history and some very creepy stories.
As soon as we dropped our bags off at the hotel, which was 68 euros a night, we hit the streets and started walking.

We found the main square and as it turns out it most of the city was there to watch the Czech Republic take on their arch rivals, Slovakia in the semi-finals for the World Hockey Championship.
The Czech's ended up losing.

We then took a night walking tour of the city ...

 ... and ended it off with a haunted dungeon tour which left the hair on the back of my neck standing up straight.

A stroll through Prague at night solved that problem.

The next morning we took the Cold War/Communism walking tour which included a tour of a cold war bunker. Very cool stuff.

We loved this city, it was loud, vibrant, safe and clean. It had lots of interesting things for both of us, and you could do pretty much all of it on foot or by public transit, on the tram.

Another spot we would both highly recommend.

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