Monday, June 18, 2012

Europe Day 18: Stechelberg, Schilthorn Mountain

After checking out Interlaken, it was time for a little mountain climbing, Swiss style.

We hoped in the car for the half hour drive to Stechelberg, to catch the cable car that would take us to the top of Schilthorn Mountain, 2,970 metres or just under 10,000 feet above sea level, supposedly the highest point in Europe you can get to by cable car.

To get there you start in Stechelberg on the valley floor below, and get in a cable car that takes you to the first stop, Murren.

From Murren, another cable car takes you to Brig.
Then its on to the top, with one more stop mid-way up to get on the fourth and final cable car ...

... which takes you to the panoramic restaurant on the top of Schilthorn mountain with a view that is out of this world.

On the way back down we got off the cable car at the Brig stop and decided to hike down the mountain to the Murren cable car stop.

And I even found a place to stop for a beer and enjoy the view.

Then it was back onto the cable car back to Stechelberg and the valley floor below.

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