Friday, June 15, 2012

Europe Day 17 and 18: Interlaken

For once we arrived in town while the sun was still up, but Interlaken as not the little backpackers haven that I remembered from 25 years ago, it had changed.
Switzerland, interestingly enough, is not in the European Union, which means they have their own currency, the Swiss Franc, which is valued higher than the Euro. Something we did not know until we got there.
Finding a cheap place to stay was our first lesson in Swiss economics.

Our hotel for the night cost us 130 Swiss Franc's, or about 180 Cdn, the most expensive stay of our vacation for those of you keeping track.

The second came as we strolled through the village that night.

The place is filled with high end watch stores open until late at night, catering to the bus loads of Asian tourists looking to spend big cash on Swiss made watches and the night in expensive hotels overlooking the Alps while gambling at the casino.
Nothing wrong with that, just not our thing.
There are still places for people to shop and to eat and to book adventure tours in the surrounding area, but bring your wallet, because it won't be cheap.

The next morning we took a walk through town to see what it looked like in the daylight.

Everything you would expect a little Swiss village to look like.

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