Thursday, June 21, 2012

Europe Day 20: Frankfurt and Home

Our flight didn't leave until 3:15 in the afternoon, but because it was a Friday in Germany and we had to be at the airport 3 hour ahead of time, we were advised to give ourselves plenty of time so we would not be late.
So we got up early and passed on our last free breakfast and were on the road at 7 am for the 492 km drive to Frankfurt airport. We should of stayed for breakfast, as we made it to the airport in 3.5 hours with plenty of time to spare.
Oh how I enjoyed driving in Germany.

Then it was onto the plane and the 8 hour flight home. The flight was so long we had 2 meals, and 3 movies! Thankfully I was so tired, I slept for most of it, only waking up for food and the last movie, Green Lantern, which I saw the entire thing and wished I was asleep for.

When we got to Toronto, my wife's parents were there to pick us up and take us back to their place in Orangeville, where we had left our dogs and cars while we were away.
And then finally, the last 1.5 hour drive home at 100 km an hour, which seemed incredibly slow, to Toronto and home.

Here is our trip by the numbers ...

Airfare $598 per person, plus tax, (I will let you figure that one out) and a additional fee for selecting our seats ahead of time $160
total: $1899.92

Car Rental $1132.08, which included insurance and unlimited kilometres anywhere in Eastern Europe for 3 weeks, plus $40 surcharge for diesel.
Not a scratch on the car I might add,

and no speeding tickets....

Total: $1172.08

Cost of Gas when converted to Canadian dollars: $1135

Cost of hotels for 3 weeks, not including the 3 nights we spent at my brothers place (Thanks again guys!), 19 nights minus 3 nights = 16 nights, (I also included the 350 Euros for the Ferry crossing in this total), when converted to Canadian dollars: $1594

Grand total: $5801
Not too bad for 3 weeks...

Total distance covered: 6901 kms

And here again, in order, are the places we went and the things we did:

Neues Schloss Herrenchiemsee
The Sedlec Ossuary (The Bone Church)
Plitsvice Lakes National Park
The drive to Dubrovnik
The ferry to Bari
Serra San Bruno
The Amalfi Coast route
The drive through the Alps
Stechelberg, Schilthorn mountain
Trummelbach Falls
Schwangau, Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein Castles

This is the first time I made a concerted effort to take more videos of our adventures, and because of that, its taken almost as long as the trip for me to post everything!
But I've had a lot of fun doing it and I hope you have enjoyed following along.

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