Thursday, June 14, 2012

Europe Day 17: Torino

As usual, after our 1.5 hr, 155 km drive, we arrived in Torino under cover of darkness and it looked dirty, loud and a little scary. After searching for a hotel in a less scarier part of town then the rest, we found one on the edge of the city center for 64 euros and another 19 euros for covered parking in the hotel garage.

The next morning I expected to find a totally different city to the one we drove into last night, it didn't happen.
Torino in the daytime, is not as scary, but just as dirty and just as loud.
We spent the morning walking around the city and checking out the sights,

... which were a lot of squares with guys on horses.

... and then we set off to find one of my picks, the Renault roof top race track that was featured on an episode of this years Amazing Race.
The roof top race track is not normally open to the public, but we had some "pull" and made it happen.

And then it was time to say goodbye to Italy and hello to Switzerland and the Alps.

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