Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Europe Day 2 and 3: Berlin

In the early afternoon of day 2 we packed up the car and headed to Berlin, which was 283 kms away and 1 hr 45 minutes travel time.
I should let you know that at this point we were relying on 4 things as our main source of information for this trip; the portable TomTom GPS system I had brought with from home, loaded with the latest Europe map information, our international cell phone with 50 minutes air-time, I had picked up free on points from my credit card company, an actual map book of Europe in English, which I had ordered from Amazon.com before we left and our Lonely Planet Travel guide of Europe.
After consulting the Lonely Planet Travel Guide, which from now on will be referred to as LPTG, my wife decided on this cool little hotel which turns out was in the former east German sector of town.The hotel used to be an apartment building which has been turned into a partial hotel/apartment.

We loved it and ended up staying there for two nights and the best part about it was it only cost 80 euros a night!
After we got settled, we found a nice place for dinner ...

... and then took a walk around what used to be East Berlin.

We like to use public transit whenever we can.


Sometimes its easy, other times not so much, but in Berlin, travelling by tram was fast, easy and safe.

The first stop was a trip up the TV tower to check out the view from above.

And then it was off to a "hop on, hop off" bus tour,

After we got our bearings from the tour bus, it was time to walk...

 ... dinner ...

... and then some more walking.


Berlin was a blast and a must see on any one's list.

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purple said...

Keep it coming Bros. I feel like I'm on a vacation without having to pay for it.