Friday, June 7, 2013

UK Adventure: Day 7 Hadrian's Wall, Angel of the North, Scotland's border, Edinburgh

We woke up on Saturday morning, Day 7 of our great adventure, to pouring rain. The plan had been to hike Hadrian's Wall, a defensive fortification built in Britain during the Roman Empire at about 122 AD stretching from the west coast of England, all the way to the east coast, just below the border of Scotland. A large majority of it still stands today and can still be walked but the rain was putting a damper things.
We waited for a break in the weather, put on our dollar store ponchos and headed out.

We wanted to keep hiking, but the fog rolled in and the weather got worse, so we decided to cut our losses and continue on with our journey.
Our next stop was the Angel of the North, located just outside of Newcastle.
You may recognize this pretty little lady from the opening of English Premier League Soccer on your TV every week.

Then it was back in the car and on to Scotland along the coastal route. Check out our view.

Good-bye England, Hello Scotland!

209 miles later, we had arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Walking the Royal Mile.

Saw this guy in Hamburg last year as well.

Enjoying a pint and what may of been my best meal of the trip, Chicken stuffed with Haggis and mashed potato's in a white peppercorn sauce. 

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