Saturday, June 8, 2013

UK Adventure: Day 10 Touring Isle of Skye, Glasgow, Scotland

We spent the morning of Day 10, Tuesday, touring the eastern point of the Isle of Skye.
Spectacular drive and even better scenery.

Then it was time to start the 275 mile journey to Glasgow, but not before stopping at  Dumbarton Castle, which was used in the 1997 James Bond movie, starring Pierce Bronson, Tomorrow Never Dies.

We arrived in Glasgow in the late afternoon, and after finding a place to stay, and getting settled, we took a stroll through the city.

Interesting fact: Its really hard to give an accurate time based on sunlight in a picture, because the sun only started to set at 10 pm and it was up again around 4 am in this part of the world. 
Crazy, wonderful.

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