Sunday, June 2, 2013

UK Adventure: Day 1, 2 and 3, London, England

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We arrived in London on Sunday about noon on the red eye flight from Toronto.
We got the rental car and started towards London.

We had decided that because of the congestion and me having to deal with a standard car on the "wrong" side of the road, we would find a hotel close to a subway stop which we would use to get us into the downtown core.
After figuring out the subway system, or "Tube" as they like to call it in England ...

... we spent Sunday afternoon walking around the city taking in the many famous sights.

Buckingham Palace.

Westminster Abbey.

London bridge

Tower bridge

Who has a quarter?

 Pilar, at the Prime Minister's house, 10 Downing street.

A Remembrance Day parade.

On Monday, we met up with my cousin Roger and his wife who were also on vacation in the city. Thanks to Facebook we were able to meet up and spend the day enjoying the sights of London on the Hop On Hop Off bus.

And then it was time for a pint or two...

After saying goodbye to my cousin and his wife ...

 ... we took a stroll through the city at night.

Tuesday morning we took a tour of the Tower of London ...

... Walked by Abbey road ...

... and the famous cross walk.

... and then we went to check out Camden Town Market.

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