Thursday, June 13, 2013

UK Adventure: By The Numbers

My wife and I had a blast on our 20 Day whirlwind vacation of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We never let a silly thing like rain or unseasonably cold weather weather dampen our good time. Have you heard the expression, You don't go to the UK for the weather? Well its true, you don't, you go for the experience, and what an experience it was!

Here is a list of the places we went:

01. London, England
02. Oxford, England
03. Silverstone Race Track, England
04. Stratford-Upon-Avon, England
05. Stourbridge, England
06. The drive to and Snowdon, Wales
07. Snowdonia Mountains, Wales
08. Chester, England
09. Liverpool, England
10. Lake District, England
11. Hexham, England
12. Hadrian's Wall, England
13. Lady of the North, just outside Manchester, England
14. Edinburgh, Scotland
15. Sterling, Scotland
16. Drive through the Scottish Highlands, (Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, Ben Nevis and Glen Coe, Five              Sisters, National Parks)
17. Loch Ness, Scotland
18. The drive to and around the Isle of Skye, Scotland
19. Glasgow, Scotland
20. Giants Causeway and Coastal Route, Northern Ireland
21. London Derry, Northern Ireland
22. Belfast, Northern Ireland
23. Dublin, Republic of Ireland
24. Galway, Republic of Ireland
25. Western Coastal Route, Republic of Ireland
26. Cliffs of Moher, Republic of Ireland
27. Limerick, Republic of Ireland
28. Blarney Castle, Republic of Ireland
29. Cork, Republic of Ireland
30. Rosslare, Republic of Ireland
31. Jurassic Coast, Lime-Regis, England
32. Stonehenge, England
33. Brighton Beach, England
34. Cliffs of Dover
34. Crawley, England
35. Gatwick, England

By The Numbers:

In Canadian Dollars ...

Cost of the flight: about $1800
Cost of car rental: about $600
Cost of gas: about $540
Cost of hotels for 19 Days: just under $2000

Distance traveled: 3061 miles or 4926 km

Unfortunately, after 12,190 km of accident free driving on mainland Europe, 5289 km in 2011 and 6901 km in 2012, we finally had our first incident with our rental car on this trip. We are not 100 percent sure when it happened but we think it was in the first three days when the car was parked in the underground at the hotel in London. So much for parking it out of trouble and taking the Tube! Thankfully nothing serious, just a couple of scratches, down to the primer on the passenger side front fender.

Driving on the left side of the road was a little harder then I thought it would be, and I found myself going the wrong direction once or twice. Driving stick with the other hand wasn't as hard, and I certainly had a lot of fun driving along those tiny country roads as fast as the car would go.
The only other problem I had was with the photo radar system they have all over the place in the UK; only time will tell if my need for speed was caught on any of them. 

I hope you have enjoyed following along with us on our adventures across the UK. Now that I've got the pictures organized, I might be able to turn my thoughts to the hours of video I shot, but it's summer time out there and my bike is calling ...
So please, check back here every once in awhile and who knows, there might just be a video or two of our UK Adventures, posted right here.