Tuesday, June 11, 2013

UK Adventure: Day 14 and 15 Dublin, Ireland

A short 193 mile drive down the road, found us in the Republic of Ireland and Dublin.
I wish I could say I loved Dublin as much as I loved Belfast, but I didn't. And I'm note sure if my expectations were too high from what I'd heard and read, or maybe Belfast really was just too tough an act to follow, but Dublin for me as it turns out, was just ... OK.
It was rowdy and in your face and as big city as any out there, but it just didn't seem to have that vibe that I was looking for. Maybe it would of helped if we had been able to stay in the city like we had planned so we could check out a pub or two for some pints, but it turned out to be a long weekend and a rugby final was also happening that day in the city so it was jammed with people and there were no hotel rooms to be found anywhere.
We were lucky to find a B & B at the airport, 30 minutes outside of town.
So we drove into town, parked the car and started walking.

My wife got to see the Book of Kells, some say Ireland's finest national treasure, a book written by monks in 800 A.D. containing the the four Gospels of The New Testament but the actual library that holds The Book of Kells, located in the famed Trinity College, I found much more fascinating.

The only other place a sphere such as this one can be found, is in Vatican City.

And as much as I wanted to try my first Guinness, or sample some scotch, I'm just not that guy.
But I did manage to have a pint at The Clarence Hotel, which happens to be owned by the band, U2.

Strolling through the city.

Dublin Castle.

Downtown Dublin.

Shots from our fourth Hop On, Hop Off bus tour, around Dublin the next day.

The famed Guinness brewery.

In North America, we transport our beer in bottles or cans. In Ireland, they do things a little differently.

Next stop, the west coast of Ireland.

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