Saturday, June 8, 2013

UK Adventure: Day 12 Ferry to Ireland, Giants Causeway and Coastal Route, Northern Ireland

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We were scheduled to leave on the ferry for Ireland at 8:50 am, but when we arrived at 8:00 am, we were told that the ferry had been cancelled due to high winds. Which isn't surprising because I had been watching the morning news earlier in the hotel and they claimed that this was the coldest spring since 1979 and the 6th coldest on record.
Tell me something we hadn't already figured out.
Thankfully though, the ferry company was able to book us on a later ferry from another port, 60 miles down the road.

Because of the ferry SNAFU, we arrived in Ireland a lot later then we had planned. The weather was still crappy, but we decided to press on and see what we could along the coastal route and Giants Causeway.

Giants Causeway was amazing, but because of high winds we were not allowed to walk all the way to the point.

They did allow us to go to the top of the cliffs on the other side, and the winds were fierce. I am a big guy and I had to be careful near the edge because the wind was so strong. I had no problems not seeing the point after that.

After the wind tunnel experience we decided it would much safer at sea level and one more chance for some shots with the strange rocks.

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