Monday, November 23, 2009

Are You Ready?

What a weekend!
It felt more like spring out there, then fall. I woke up yesterday and turned the TV on and it happened to be on a Buffalo station, which was in the middle of the weather forecast and I'm afraid it was not good news.
By the end of the week, snow is expected and because of our close proximity to Buffalo we can expect some of that winter weather as well.
I did some checking and on this day in 2000, Toronto had snow on the ground and it was -10 degrees Celsius. The average temperature for this day is -4 degrees Celsius.
Today, like the last two, calls for clear and sunny sky's, with a high of 10 degrees Celsius.
If you haven't already taken care of all your outside needs around the home, better get at it, this beautiful weather isn't going to last long.
This is November in Canada after all...

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