Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Euro Trip Day 8: Monaco and Nice, France

We woke up on day 8 in the principality of Monaco. What an amazing city Monaco turned out to be, a playground for the rich and famous,
and home of the famous Monaco Grand Prix. The race is set to run May 29th, the week after our visit. but that's OK because I got to check out the track first hand and up close.
And then it was down the road to Nice, France. Unfortunately, this was the first bit of cold weather that we encountered on our journey. We had hoped for a day on the famed beach, but it was too cold, we settled instead for a walk around the market and lunch on the patio.
And then shortly after that at around 2:00 pm the 932 km trek to Paris began. We pulled into Paris at about midnight that night after driving non-stop to get there. This was our first planned full day of driving that we needed to do to get from point A to point B. Too much ground to cover and not enough time for any stops. It wasn't fun but necessary because of the speed limit on highways in France, which really slowed us down. There is also photo radar everywhere, which seriously puts a damper on the speeding. We saw one or two flashes along the way and await the inevitable speeding ticket in the mail. And to top it off, it cost us over 100 Euros in tolls to drive across France. The most expensive place to drive in Europe by far.

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purple said...

when I was in France we were staying in Nice and decided to take a day trip to Monaco. When we got off the train and walked a couple of blocks we walked right into the grand prix. I had no idea it was happening that day. We walked the full coarse. Looks like you two had a trip of a life time.