Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Euro Trip Day 7: Vatican City, and Pisa, Italy

Our second day in Rome we spent visiting Vatican City, home of the Pope
and all things Catholic. We were told that if you were to spend 10 seconds looking at each piece of art in the place it would take you 11 years to see it all. This place was huge and was filled with some of the world's greatest treasures. To say we were blown away would be an understatement. Thankfully, our guided tour only took us 4 hours, but it took us through some of the very best that Vatican city had to offer.
Michelangelo's Sistine chapel.
St. Paul's cathedral.
St. Peter's square.
Our next stop was Monaco, some 700 kms up the Mediterranean coast, but luckily my wife spotted the little town of Pisa which was about the halfway point on our journey north, some 392 kms away. We pointed the car in that direction, and headed there, because if you've been to
Venice, Florence, and Rome, how could you not make the drive to Pisa? We left Rome at about 2:00pm and arrived in Pisa at approximately 4:30pm. Left Pisa at approximately 8:00pm.
After 5 nights in Italy, we arrived in Monaco at about 11:30pm.
You do the math...

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