Monday, May 23, 2011

Euro Trip: Day 3 Salzburg, Austria

The next stop on our road trip was Salzburg, Austria, a distance of about 203 kms. We spent the morning and early afternoon walking through the streets of the old town. We toured the castle on the hill and even the real abby that was also used in the movie, The Sound of Music.We tried to find the real Von Trapp family house, but that turned out to be harder then we thought and ended up at the house where the movie was shot instead. Which was an added bonus because it is not open to the public, but we managed to talk our way in for a couple of quick snaps. This is the famous lake where everyone falls into the water while trying to row a boat. And the back of this hotel was used for the exterior shots of the family house in the movie.
Then it was onto to Gorica, Italy, for the night, a distance of approximately 575 kms through the Austrian and Italian Alps.

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