Friday, January 7, 2011

More Famous Then The Beatles ( the Beach)

Here's a funny story for you.
I have lived in the beaches area for more than 14 years now, and for 12 of those years I have been going down to the beach each morning and afternoon to walk my dog, Hobbes and then with Calvin as well, a few years later when he came along.
Last spring I got a new car and decided I didn't want all the sand that goes along with walking two dogs twice a day along the beach in my car. So I started walking my dogs at another park which was all grass. Less mess, cleaner car.
Just recently I started going back down to the beach to walk my dogs again. Well wouldn't you know, every person I walk by stops me and wants to know where we were. Apparently the other dog park regulars had been talking amongst themselves and were wondering what had happened to us. The consensus I learned was that we had moved out of the area. Of course no one wanted to know how I was, just how Hobbes and Calvin were.
Now that we are back at the beach for our morning walks, when I run into people from the other park with the grass, they want to know what happened to us. And by us I mean Hobbes and Calvin.
And the funny thing about these conversations is that no one ever knows your name, you become known as Hobbes' dad or Calvin's owner, and when you run into someone on the street or in the grocery store you just address them by their pets name.
This morning at the gym, this lady came up to me and asked me how my dogs were. I didn't have a clue who she was until she told me she used to walk her dogs down in the beach as well and then explained which dog she owned and then it was, "Oh Hi, how are you..."
All attention has got me thinking that my two dogs, Hobbes and Calvin by association, may be more famous then the Beatles ... down at the Beach.
I'm just saying is all...

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Brie said...

That's a funny story.