Sunday, January 2, 2011

iPhone 4 Update

I am still loving my new iPhone 4, even after experiencing a few hiccups.
I noticed about a week after getting my new phone that it wasn't holding a charge as well as my wife's new iPhone was. I called Apple and they talked me through a few things I could do over the phone to improve my battery life, and if that didn't work, they told me to bring it in and they would take a look at it. I took it in and they did some tests on it to see if it was a technical issue. Everything checked out fine. They reset it and sent me on way and with instructions to play with it and if I was still not happy with it, they would replace it for me, no questions asked.
I took it home and played with it for a few days and was still not happy with my phones battery life. I called them back and they told me to come back in and they would replace it with a new one. No hassle, no fuss. In and out in 20 minutes with a new phone that has been working fine ever since.
A+ for customer service.
The other thing that I noticed, which is a little disappointing, is that even though it has a 5 mpg camera with flash, it will never replace the quality of pictures my digital point and shoot camera can take. For static shots, the quality is pretty good. The flash however, washes out a lot of the colourand without it, in lower light level shots all you get is a lot of blurry pictures.The cell camera is great in a pinch, but I won't be using it to take my vacation shots any time soon.
I do however love the video camera on this phone and would use it on vacation without a second thought. The 720p HD video quality is surprisingly good and is great for shooting short clips that you can post to the web or edit together later. Its easy to use and because its part of your cell phone, you now always have a video camera with you wherever you go. Pretty cool.

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