Thursday, January 20, 2011

It Is On!

I just signed up for the Paris to Ancaster bike race again this year with my buddy Tony.
We only did the half distance last year, the St. George to Ancaster leg, which was 35 kms, but man did it kick our ass! We finished well down in the field, top of the bottom 3rd of the pack, with a time of 2:20:12
Maybe it's because we have short memories and don't remember how cold it was or how tired we were when we crossed that finish line all covered in mud, (OK, I do remember that!) but I also remember how cool it was to cross that finish line with the crowd cheering you on.
The whole experience from start to painful finish was a absolute blast!
This year we will be a little more seasoned. We will know what to expect from the course and with a little more preparation, I'm pretty sure we can do a lot better then last years time.
In fact, I bet we can do it in less then 2 hours this year.
I say bring it on!

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