Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taking The Next Step

I upgraded my phone yesterday to an iPhone 4 and I gotta say, I am impressed already.
Just so everyone is up to date, my last phone was the iPhone 3G.
Let me start off by telling you how we got it, because it wasn't easy. Apparently there is this little holiday called Christmas that is right around the corner, and because of this holiday, you can't find a iPhone 4 with my carrier anywhere in the city.
And believe me when I tell you, we checked everywhere. No one had them in stock and no one knew when they were coming. I was getting ready to accept defeat and wait until the new year, when my wife decided to go right to the source to find what she wanted. And I'll be damned if she was able to hook us up with two shiny new iPhone 4's. The only catch was I had to get it for the Apple store, which was a task and a half but well worth the effort in the end.
To get an iPhone 4 from an Apple store, you have to first show up at the store at 8:30am in the morning to book an appointment with a personal Apple shopper. I got a 2:30pm appointment, which meant I had to go home and come back later. And then when you return to the store for your appointment, you check in with an Apple associate and then they send you over to a table to wait for your personal shopper to appear. From there it was just a matter of setting up the new phone and deactivating the old. Start to finish, I was out of there in half and hour with 2 new iPhone 4's, while everyone else was still waiting for the new shipment to come in.
Right off the bat, I'm impressed with the 5 MPG camera with HDR and a flash, which is new. The 720p HD video camera is pretty cool as well. And I love the camera in the front of the phone which allows for video chatting and great self portrait shots.
All this leaves me wondering if I really need to carry my little Canon digital point and shoot camera anymore.
This could change everything!

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DM said...

Go figure you would go for an iPhone 4 :) Enjoy it !