Sunday, December 19, 2010


I was going through some of the pictures I took recently on my digital camera and came across these.This is Plato, my nephew David's dog who he inherited from his dad's mom. As far a Dave can tell, "Plates", (as he likes to be called on campus) is part Newfoundlander and possibly part border collie. Plates and Dave, as you can see, are inseparable. He lives with Dave in Guelph, where they both attend university. Dave goes to class and Plato waits outside, usually attracting a one or two cute college girls to keep him company until Dave returns. I think in some parts of town Plates may even be more popular then his owner, but being a loyal friend, Plates is always willing to share. Well played my friend, well played.
Dave thinks he is a pretty cool dog.
I couldn't agree more.

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