Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where Have All Your Manners Gone?

Whats the deal with people and manners these days? And by that I mean, where is it and where did it go?
Let's start with say, I don't know, going to the theatre. (Movie theatres apply here too.)
Why would you go to place, pay money, and then talk through the entire thing you paid good money to see? And by talking I mean talking loud enough so you can hear yourself above the musical number.
Do you not see the other people all around you sitting quietly trying to enjoy the show?
If you insist on talking, whisper, get out or better yet, don't even come.
Why do people do this? What happened to their manners?
I mean really?
And if that's not bad enough, how about putting a hand over your mouth when you cough. I should not be feeling your breath on the back of my neck and the side of my face ...WTF?!?
H1N1 --- Heeeelllloooooo!!!
Is it just me?

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