Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Toronto Traffic Hell

Have you tried getting around the downtown core lately? Traffic in this city is outrageous! There is literally construction everywhere you turn and once you're in it, there is nowhere to go without hitting more.
Queen street between Yonge and Church is closed due to streetcar track repairs. Church street is down to one south lane only from Jarvis to Queen because of streetcar repairs. Richmond is down from four lanes to one due to streetcar repairs.
Streetcars from these routes are lined up 5 deep on other major arteries as they try to get around all this mess causing even further delays to traffic.
Yonge and Bloor was down to one lane in both directions this morning right in the middle of rush hour due to line painting. (They were painting bike lanes, in December!)
Not too mention all the other construction going on in the city, which include road repairs and water main repairs on almost every frikken corner!
It was bumper to bumper all the way from my house to downtown and then the same thing on the way home.
From what I saw out there, the TTC certainly isn't the better way, in fact I would go so far as to say streetcars are a major contributing force to the congestion in downtown Toronto. (But we all know where I stand on the streetcar issue.)
You would think that instead of turning the entire city into a construction zone they would pick an area, fix what ever needs to be fixed and then move onto the next area, not do it all at once paralyzing traffic in the process.
No, that would make too much sense for the clowns in city hall. Who cares that the people sitting in traffic fuming (be it on the bus or in their cars) are the ones that run and fund this city.
Do you think they are getting fair value for their tax dollar?
Take a drive downtown and let me know what you think.

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