Sunday, December 6, 2009

Plastic Bag Guilt

When did grocery stores stop bagging your groceries? Was it when they started charging for the plastic bags you used?
I won't mention any names, but there is one in particular (it rhymes with Bloblaws) that I am talking about.
I don't use reusable bags. I like plastic bags. I use them to pick up after my dogs when I take them for a walk. And because I have two dogs, I use a lot of plastic bags.
So, I don't mind paying for them IF I have to.
But what bugs the hell out of me is when I am at the cash paying for my groceries and ask for Plastic bags, instead of bagging my groceries as they go through the check out like they used to, now they let it all accumulate at the bottom of the conveyor belt and then try to figure out how many bags I need at the end.
Bad enough I have to pay for the bags, but now the cashier has given herself twice the amount of work to do. Why not bag the groceries as you go along and then total the bags up at the end?
No, that would be too easy. Instead you ask me at the beginning, how many bags I will need.
How the hell do I know?
Who can up with this process?
I just want my groceries put into as many plastic bags as I need so I can go home.
Why can't you just scan them and bag them like you used to? When did we cross that line? What happened to our relationship? When did it change and go so horribly wrong?
Am I the only one who feels this way?

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