Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Fat Cyclist

The Fat Cyclist is a blog I stumbled upon awhile back.
It was a blog about a middle aged guy who lives in Utah, who decided to chronicle his fight with his weight and his love of bicycling on a blog he called the Fat Cyclist. It was a blog filled with funny stories and pictures of his mountain bikes rides.
And then his wife got sick with cancer and eventually died.
The blog changed into something different, it became more about a man and his struggle with life and death, then just his love of bicycles.
He began chronicling his wife's fight with cancer, and at the same time, he contacted the Live Strong foundation as a way for him to deal with what was going on in his life and a way for him to give back. More people began reading his blog, and even more began donating, in honour of Fatty's wife, Susan.
Something like this would be enough to crush anyone, but it didn't crush Fatty. Instead he threw everything he had into tirelessly supporting the Live Strong Foundation through the one thing he knew and loved, which was biking.
This year he managed to raise almost a million dollars for cancer research, made some friends like Lance Armstrong and Johan Bruyneel, who donated some great prizes for his donation efforts, which Fatty in turn raffled off to his loyal blog readers as a thanks for their support.
This blog has been an inspiration, I highly recommend you check it out, here.

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