Friday, March 20, 2009

Rant: Roll Up The Rim

I LOVE my coffee, but I HATE this stupid Roll UP The Rim contest.
Why? Because most people that I know use their teeth to roll up the rim, and then you have to get your hands all sticky with coffee to rip the damn thing off. Then, (and this is the part I love), you hand the saliva and coffee covered rim to the cashier for your free coffee or donut.
And don't get me started on how many coffees you need to buy before you win a lousy donut. (10, by my count -- REALLY?)
And here's the kicker. A lousy donut is all you're going to win, because the kid behind the counter has already gone through all the cups and rolled up the fucking rim!
Now I know I'm not going to win the car, but what pisses me off to no end is finishing my cup of joe and taking the lid off to roll up the rim and it's already been rolled!!
How fucking unsanitary is that?!? If you want me to hand you a saliva covered piece of coffee cup for a free cup of coffee, fine. But when I go to roll up my rim and see that someone has already put their grubby fucking hands all inside my supposed new, never before been touched cup, well that just makes me mad.
Not only is that gross, but its just WRONG.
Screw you Tim Hortons and your nasty Roll Up The Rim contest. I'm taking my business elsewhere.
Starbucks anyone?

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