Sunday, March 29, 2009

Australian GP: Race Results

Just finished watching the delayed race on TSN. Over all not a bad start to the season. Jensen Button wins from start to finish for his new team, Brawn. But it was the action behind him that make for an exciting race. And wow! What a finish it was! A lot more on track action, more passing, more drama as teams and drivers got used to their new equipment.
A lot more face time for mid-pack teams such as Brawn, BMW and Red Bull, Ferrari still in the fight (until Kimi hits the wall and Massa goes out due to technical problems), McLaren well off the pace.
And then a fantastic end, running second and third with three laps to go, Kubica and Vettal make contact ending their day (patience boys, this is a 17 race series, not one), handing second to Barrichello in a Brawn and third place to Trulli in a Toyota. And from 18th to fourth, out of nowhere comes Hamilton.
It looks like this can be an exciting season if things stay like it is, but we all know its just a matter of time before the super teams like Ferrari and McLaren start storming back.
NOTE: After the race, Jarno Trulli was penalized 25 seconds for passing Lewis Hamilton during the safety-car period in the dying laps. Hamilton promoted to third place and Timo Glock, Fourth. Trulli drops out of the points.
Note: On Thursday upon further review, Lewis Hamilton was disqualified from the Australian GP and Jarno Trulli re-instated in 3rd place. WTF?!?
Race notes:

  • Damn this year's cars are ugly. That front wing looks like the blade of a snow plough, its that big! Especially on the Brawn which is all white.
  • F1 DOES NOT know how to use a pace car (sorry, safety car). WTF? How long does it take to pick-up the leader? And then there's some rule which allows you to un-lap yourself, if race control deems it OK --WTF?!? Isn't this a race?
  • Whats up with those ghetto hub caps? OK, OK, I know they have been around for awhile now and are used to direct air flow for cooling the brakes, but come on? Couldn't they make it look less like something I can get at Canadian Tire or WalMart?
  • Love the new KERS push to pass system. Power generated from braking is stored for an additional 80 horse power for 7 seconds per lap. The theory is this will allow for more passing opportunities. Too bad it is only optional and only the big money teams have installed it. All teams should have it, giving everyone the opportunity for some extra push to pass. That's one thing that Champ Car did right.
  • Elvis is alive and well! And he is Jensen Button's dad!!
  • Kimi Räikkönen is starting the season off in his usual fashion -- with a crash in the wall. I picked him to win the championship???
  • Love the 2009 F1 season schedule, at least 2 races a month, and some with 3, all the way to October. Nicely done!

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