Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pilar Goes To Saskatoon

My wife went to Saskatoon recently for work. The network she works for was covering the Figure Skating Championship and this was her first trip. She graciously gave me permission to let me post some of her pictures from her trip.
This is a shot she took on a walk around Saskatoon. Notice the steam coming off the river.
It was minus 25 here in Toronto last week. She claims it was colder then that in Saskatoon. I don't think she was exaggerating.
This was the view of downtown Saskatoon at night, from her hotel room.A shot of the host's desk with the rink in the background.
Pilar's edit station, set up in a room behind the scenes.
Interview set.
Rink side camera.
Another set for the host.
The famous kiss and cry set, where the skaters sit with their coach and await their marks.The broadcast truck.
Inside, all ready to start the show.
Headed home. This was the plane she took from Saskatoon to Calgary.
All pictures courtesy of my wife.

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