Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bulldogs vs the Marlies

I got some tickets from my buddy Tony to the Hamilton Bulldogs game the other night, vs the Toronto Marlies. How could I turn down freebies like those? I took my brother with me to the game. Unfortunately for the Marlies, it was a total blow out. The score was 4-0 for the home team when we left with 2 minutes left to play in the third period. The Leaf's once great future goalie prospect, Justin Pogge was in net, and man did he stink up the joint. But in fairness, he didn't have a lot of defence behind him that night.But if you were rooting for the home team, it was a pretty good night. And the crowd was pretty vocal which made the game that more exciting. I think I am starting to enjoy AHL hockey...

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