Friday, January 16, 2009

Hell On Earth Or Stop Being Such A Baby This Is Winter In Canada

Oh man, it is cold out there. I took a snap of the thermometer yesterday morning. -18 and the weatherman was saying it was actually -25 with the windchill. So I tell this to my wife who is in Saskatoon this week covering the figure skating for CBC, and she says it's even colder there. That's my wife for you, always having to one up me! She sent me a couple of snaps from her iPhone of the view from her hotel room in downtown Saskatoon. I gotta tell you, I was surprised by how small town it looks. Check it out.This was a little more like it. She also sent along a shot from the broadcast site at the rink. Pretty cool stuff. (iPhone you rock!)Here are some winter shots I took over the last couple of days. And of course, the dogs never seem to mind the cold. Me? I am counting the days to warmer weather and the start of biking season. all pictures courtesy of iPhone!

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