Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Out And About Or What To Do When The South African's Come To Town

With my brother and his family in town from South Africa for a couple of weeks, we have been taking them out and showing them a good time, Canadian style. Here are some pictures from their adventures.
Headed out for drinks at one of our local spots just down the road. Time to relax and enjoy a cold beverage."Here Comes the beer!"
Barry joins the party. "Who needs another?" "We do!"
My buddy Tony, invited me and the wife and my brother and his family over to their place for dinner one night.My brother's son and Tony's son are about one month apart in age.
Pilar impresses everyone with her baby skills.Proud papa,Tony. What do you do when its too cold to do anything outside and it's too early to drink? Why you take them to the Boat Show. Watching the wake board demonstration in the Riccoh Centre.Hard to believe that this is the same place where the Toronto Marlies, (The Toronto Maple Leaf hockey club's farm team) play.Trying out the hammocks.
Leave it to the Mounties, they always get their man, or in this case, woman. And he spoke German too, imagine that!
Dave tries out the Skidoo.Dave trying out the Seadoo.
Meanwhile, Aaron seems to have found his boat of choice.
"Hello ladies..."Dave making a Titanic ass of himself.
Josh tries out the Spider.And Dave shows him how its done.
My brother Barry trying out his future wheelchair scooter. Mad Max look out!
Kane West makes his first appearance of the day.

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