Friday, January 13, 2012

It Sucks Getting Old

My oldest dog, Hobbes, has been limping a lot lately. So much so, that I took him to see the vet. Turns out my little buddy has arthritis in the elbow of one of his front legs. Not much we can do about it except to shorten his daily walks, and stop playing fetch. Hobbes has been slowing down over the last year or so. He still likes to carry his ball when we go out for walks, but chooses to watch Calvin play more and more instead of joining in. He has a hard time getting up the stairs to the front door, and takes forever to get into the car. I bought a dog-ramp for the front steps. He refuses to use it or go near it. Calvin has no problem with or using it. Sometimes I help him out by picking him up, he hates that. He is a very proud and independent dog and likes to do things by himself.
The funny thing is, I'm pretty sure I'm having a harder time with this then he is.
Man, it sucks getting old.

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