Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fit Dogs

I've been pretty bummed lately because my oldest dog, Hobbes, is starting to show his age. As I mentioned in a previous post, because of arthritis, Hobbes can no longer go with us on our daily walks. His world now consists of the house and the grassy patch at the top of the street, which is only a few hundred feet from our house. And as much as I would love to take him on our regular walks, he just can't do it anymore without limping.
I found out about this place called Fit Dogs which has a heated indoor salt-water pool for dogs. Its supposed to be really good for dogs with Hobbes' condition as well as a great way for him to get the exercise he was sorely lacking due to his shortened walks. The salt water is great for his joints, and the swimming is also good for him because he is able to exercise his bad leg in the water without putting any stress or weight on it. As well, 5 minutes of swimming is the equivalent of about 15 minutes of walking on land.
I was a little worried we would have a problem getting Hobbes into the pool because Fit Dogs makes all the dogs use a ramp to get into and out of the pool, but we brought Calvin along for help, and just like we thought, he had no problems doing what he was supposed to. Hobbes quickly realized that was the only way in and followed Calvin's lead.
It cost $50 for the initial visit, which consists of an orientation and supervised swim with an instructor to show us what to do. After that its $23 plus $10 for an additional dog, for a 15 minute private swim with you and your dog(s). There are change rooms, a shower and dryer area for the dogs and they also provide all the water toys and flotation devices you need for a fun and safe time in the pool with your "besties".
To find out more about Fit Dogs, click here.
And finally, I think I can safely say this place was a success for the most important reason of all; Hobbes, who seemed to like it. How could he not? It combines two of his favorite things in the world, swimming and fetching the ball and it gives me comfort in the fact that I can do something proactive to help him with his arthritis and get him a little exercise at the same time.
Thanks Fit Dogs, we will definitely be back!

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