Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ridiculously Simply Banana Bread

For the last few weeks, I've had this craving for some homemade banana bread just like my mom used to make, only problem was, I didn't know how to make banana bread.
Then to my surprise, while surfing my list of blogs the other day, I stumbled upon this recipe for banana bread on my friend Claire's website, called Ridiculously Simply Banana Bread which was a tried and true long time family recipe. With a name like that and the track record to back it up, how could I go wrong?
Well for starters, did you know how hard it is to find ripe bananas anywhere? Most stores only sell fresh bananas. Apparently, what you are supposed to do is wait for the bananas you buy and never eat to go bad and then use those. And if I was someone who baked and knew enough about this sort of thing, maybe I would done just that. Unfortunately, I'm not and didn't have the patience to wait for this to happen, so I searched until I found some suitably ripe bananas that I could use.
As for the recipe, it really was pretty simple and straight forward. I followed Claire's instructions to the letter and had two Ridiculously Simply Banana Bread loafs ready to put in the oven in under 30 minutes, from start to finish. One with walnuts for the wife and one with walnuts and chocolate chips for me.
Not too bad for my first attempt at banana bread if I do say so myself.
The results of the taste test are in and the verdict is ... it tastes pretty damned good! Two thumbs up for this recipe!
For those of you who might be interested, you can find Claire's recipe for Ridiculously Simply Banana Bread on her website by clicking right here.


purple said...

funny, the ads on your blog now are all for baked goods and banana bread recipes

Mad Mal and Hobbes (and calvin too!) said...

The ads are generated from whatever I write about. Pretty cool.