Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why I Love Living Where I Do

The other day while drying off my dogs after a walk at the beach, I hung their leashes over the chain separating the sidewalk from the park. I put the dogs in the car, threw the towel in the trunk and drove away, leaving the expensive leather leashes my wife had just bought for the dogs hanging in the breeze.
It wasn't until our afternoon walk when I went to grab the leashes and couldn't find them, did I realize my error. I hopped in the car a went back to see if they were still there. Being Sunday, I was expecting the worst, and even began formulating an excuse for the wife as to how I could of lost the leashes.
But to my surprise as I drove up, there they were, still swaying in the breeze on the chain. I guarantee you in any other neighbourhood they would of been long gone.

And the second reason is, as you may know I bought a new car a few weeks ago from a used car dealer in the beach. Over the weekend the part of the muffler that is attached to the engine broke off. I did the math and it had been more then six weeks since I bought the car, I figured any good will the dealer had would be long gone. But I took it back to them on Monday to have the problem repaired at their garage instead of where I normally go, expecting to pay. And since it's an Audi I was expecting the pay a lot.
When I went to pick up my car later that night, I was shown the broken muffler and told the replacement part had cost $400. "Not bad," I thought, "it certainly could of been a lot worse." And then to my surprise, when I went to pay for the repairs, I was told that there would be no charge. They would be covering all costs as I had just bought the car from them.
Wow. Thanks Queen Compact Cars! You guys went way beyond my expectations for a used car dealer. If you are in the market for a new used car, check these guys out.
I highly recommend them!
Two more reasons to love the beach, what a great place to live!

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